Conan the Litigation: Lawsuit Alleges Unauthorized Use of the Barbarian

Who owns the rights to Conan the Barbarian? According to a complaint filed August 19 in U.S. District Court, it’s not those involved with the warrior’s 3-D return to the big screen. Stan Lee Media Inc. alleges its ownership interest in all things Conan was wrongfully transferred away in 2002. The complaint seeks restitution, damages and the imposition of a constructive trust to recapture earnings from the current rights-holders.

The complaint identifies the Conan intellectual property to include “all intellectual property involving the fictional character of Conan, including stories, plot lines, themes, characters and other intellectual property relating to Conan, the Age of Hyboria (a fictional era in which Conan lives), and all books, magazines, comics, movies, recordings, television and merchandise featuring or otherwise referring in any way to Conan.”

Source: Entertainment Law Digest