Paul Butler: Artist in Residence at the AGO

From September 17th through November 27th, Winnipeg-born artist Paul Butler will be the first ever Artist-in-Residence at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Butler is probably best known for his collage pieces and for his Collage Parties, with one held this past week in Toronto. The free event, at YYZ, follows in a series of Collage Parties in which attendees are invited to cut up magazines and other print media, and create their own works.

From "Within Us", a collage series by Butler

Butler is also the director of The Other Gallery, “a web-based, nomadic project” intended to bring Canadian art to the international scene.

Little information is available about the work he intends to do as Artist-in-Residence at the AGO, but it may combine interactive art (as in the Collage Parties) and promotion of Canadian art and artists. I’ll keep you posted on what comes out of the experience – should be interesting.