Guy Maddin, Jean-Marc Vallée, Bruce McDonald and Others Represent at TIFF

The Toronto International Film Festival draws some of the biggest stars in film from around the world, however, there is a significant amount of Canadian talent being demonstrated throughout the festival. As founder of the Canadian Film Centre, Norman Jewison explained:

[Canada's] got a lot of competition, and we shouldn’t be worried about that, because talent is the engine that drives this whole industry. It’s not driven by money, or studios, or investors, or banks. Talent is the engine.

Canadian filmmakers participating in the festival include both seasoned directors as well as fresh new talent. Canada has developed international recognition for documentary films and children’s programming, some of which might be premiered at the festival through the Short Cuts Canada portion of the festival which will screen short documentary, animated or narrative films from emerging and established filmmakers across Canada.

TIFF will also be celebrating emerging Canadian film talent through the Canada First! program, which offers audiences a wide range of compelling stories from first time Canadian filmmakers.

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Source: NOW Magazine