English Publisher Releasing Julian Assange’s Memoir Without His Approval

British publishing house Canongate announced yesterday that they would be releasing the “unauthorized autobiography” of Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder.

Julian Assange's Unauthorized Biography

According to the Associated Press, Assange initially agreed to allow the book to be published, but later changed his mind and told the publishers he did not want the book released. Canongate, owner of the rights to the book, stated they believed his story was one worth sharing, and believed the book would humanize Assange and “ultimately do him some favours.”

The decision to publish the book against Assange’s wishes, however, came down to the basics of contract law. Assange tried to cancel his contract but since he did not repay the advance he was given by Canongate upon selling the rights to his memoir they continued with publication. Assange says he was forced into the deal to pay his legal fees and he never wished for the book to be published.

While Canongate has decided to go ahead with publication the American publisher Knopf, who bought the rights from Canongate, has cancelled the contract to publish the book.

Source: Globe and Mail