IP Osgoode Hosts Free Copyright Symposium in Ottawa: Can Canada Learn Anything from Europe?

IP Osgoode is hosting a not-to-be-missed Symposium on Copyright – “Can Canada Learn Anything from Europe? European Perspectives on Copyright Law in the Information Era” will be held on Friday, October 21, 2011 at the Ottawa Convention Centre from 9am-5pm. There is no registration fee!

With speakers from Europe, the purpose of the Conference is to hear from their perspectives on various copyright issues. Scheduled panel sessions include:

Session 1: The Tortuous Path to Reform
Session 2: Collective Licensing: Promises and Pitfalls
Session 3: Enforcement: Has it a Future?
Session 4: Beyond Copyright: Contract and Commerce

The event will provide an opportunity to discuss and consider comparative and regional approaches emanating from Europe, which will contribute to ongoing debates regarding copyright and innovation policy in Canada. This comes with (im)perfect timing in the wake of our government’s re-introduction of the Copyright Modernization Act.

RSVP: iposgoode@osgoode.yorku.ca.