Prime Real Estate Infringing on Architect’s Design

New York city is home to some of North American’s most iconic architecture; a form of functional public art. New York city is also home to high real estate prices and demand. These two facts are butting heads in the Manufacturers Hanover Trust building case – a lawsuit between preservationists and real estate developers. The owner of the building has received permission to make major renovations to the building including a new entrance, a new escalator and more space for stores on the Fifth Avenue side of the building. Preservationists argue that this redesign is at odds with the original design and intention of the building. It “totally obliterates the quality of this iconic structure,” urban critic and journalist, Roberta Brandes told the New York Times.

In an attempt to compromise, the building owners have enlisted the help of the original architecture firm to assist in the redesign. However, the preservationists have just been granted a stop-work order, which requires that construction may only continue so long as all changes can be reversed should the Court rule in their favour.

Source: The Huffington Post